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Pool Equipment Check & Test Service

Service Type – Casual & Regular

Frequency –  Weekly | Fortnightly | 4 Weekly

Price: $59.00 – $79.00 Inc GST / Visit

Need a pool equipment check?  If you have something wrong with your pool filtration equipment but your not sure what it is?   Well, at Platinum Pool Care we have an entire service team dedicated to fault finding issues with your pool equipment.  We charge a standard fee of $110.00 including GST to send out one of our team to help you identify and isolate any issues with your pool equipment fast.  Our onsite pool equipment  repair technicians are experienced in all types of pool faults and function.

Platinum Mobile Pool Equipment Repairs…. There is no need to replace your existing pool equipment when something goes wrong.  Most of the time Repairing ypur faulty pool pump, chlorinator or filter is the best option. So before you replace book in a pool equipment check and we will work out what’s needed to repair it, then let you know.  Over the course of any year we are constantly repairing all sorts of pool equipment not just in the swimming season…..but all year round!  If you do encounter an issue with your pool pump, salt chlorinator, pool light or pool filter function,  it’s best to get onto it as once the sun comes out the swimming pool industry professionals quickly become few and far between.

Below is some information on a few reasons why you may need our onsite repair / inspection services. 


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Our highly trained and experienced staff are available 6 days a week to help with all your pool maintenance & Repair enquiries.

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Our highly trained, experienced & liscensed electrical repair staff are available for all your pool equipment repair enquiries.

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Why it is important to maintain your pool water’s health

Swimming Pool Maintenance 101

pH Regulation: Imbalanced pH levels can lead to corrosion of pool equipment, skin irritation, and cloudy water. Our experts will adjust the pH to the optimal range for a safe and comfortable swimming environment.
Chlorine Management: Chlorine is essential for disinfection, but improper levels can cause strong odors, eye irritation, and even health risks. We’ll help you strike the right balance to keep your pool sanitized effectively.
Alkalinity Control: Proper alkalinity stabilizes pH levels and prevents rapid pH fluctuations. Our service includes adjusting alkalinity to maintain a stable environment for your pool.
Calcium Hardness Stabilisation: Low or high calcium hardness can damage your pool surfaces and equipment. Our technicians will ensure the right calcium levels for longevity and water clarity.
Pool Salt Level Management: When your salt levels get low in your pool chlorinator may have a hard tome keeping up with chlorine production. With a properly maintained pool salt level it is easy to keep your pool clear and helps with salt chlorinator and the salt cells longevity.

Benefits of Our Service:

Health and Safety: Balanced pool water reduces the risk of infections, skin irritations, and other health concerns, making your swimming experience worry-free.
Water Clarity: Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to a pristine pool that you’ll be eager to dive into.
Extended Equipment Life: Properly balanced water prevents corrosion and damage to your pool’s equipment, saving you money on repairs and replacements.
Expert Advice: Our technicians will provide you with personalized recommendations for ongoing maintenance to help you keep your pool in optimal condition. 

How It Works:

Schedule an Appointment: by booking online or Contact us to schedule a convenient time for our technicians to visit your pool.
Professional Testing: Our experts will conduct a thorough water test to assess your pool’s current chemistry.
Balancing Act: Using the test results, we’ll precisely balance your pool’s chemical levels for optimal water quality.
Expert Guidance: We’ll share insights and tips on how to maintain your pool’s chemistry between our visits.

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What Our Customers Say

John Malcom
John Malcom
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Platinum Pool Care recently installed a new pool pump for us and the did a clean and tidy job. We couldn't be happier.
Harry Jones
Harry Jones
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We recently had a pool health check service performedby Steve and he was helpful, informative and punctual. Will use again & Highly Recommend.
Tom Watson
Tom Watson
Read More
Our pool had never been greener when we got Platinum Pool Care out to inspect. We had to get the whole schebang! Drain & De-Stain service. What a great job they did. There was no suprises with the bill either.....as quoted.
Jill Marsh
Jill Marsh
Read More
We have had PPC servicing our swimming pool for 5 years now. And still after this long Jade and the team really put in the effort to help us out whenever we have issues. Thanks heaps guys!