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Commercial Pool Services - Gold Coast

Sun, Surf and scenery is the reason thousands of people visit the Gold Coast every year. So when the surf is off the chart or flat as a tac then most people head straight for the pool. With such a high bather load it is imperative that commercial pools are kept to their optimum when the sun comes out protect the Gold Coast’s best asset tourism. After all it is the what the Gold Coast is all about. You only have to take one glance up the strip to get an idea of the large number of commercial pools that require professional care on either a daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis.

Depending on the set up of the pool equipment, bather load and amenities all commercial pool require a different approach to maintenance. Platinum Pool Care are experts at commercial pool maintenance and management. With all the latest information, systems and packages to keep on top of Council regulations and work safe guidelines we are always one step ahead of the competition.

One of these regulations stipulates that all commercial pools require professional testing by a professional pool company on a weekly basis. Luckily Platinum Pool Care has a Weekly Commercial Test and Balance Service which not only fulfills your obligations for your commercial pool license but also gets you an experienced, friendly service technician onsite to oversee the day to day management of the pool and sometimes technical pool equipment.

Platinum Service Support

With our state of the art scheduling software we have infinate scheduling power and invoicing options. With this software we can track our jobs and technicians in real time, store photos, quote from site and send texts in seconds.  With our internal service support team we can provide a rapid response service as a priority to all of our regular commercial pool cleaning clients when you need us the most.

With multiple service support vehicles with experienced service technicians on board we are never far away. When you are a commercial client of Platinum Pool Care our rapid response commercial pool repair team are always just around the corner when you need them. 

Commercial pool Cleaning services

Commercial Pool Cleaning Services

 Nobody does commercial pool Services like us.  Seriously, we’ve spent years investing in, and growing our commercial pool clients, and now we’ve got an impressive list of commercial properties that we’re lucky enough to call customers. 
Actually, luck had nothing to do with it. It was more like blood, sweat, a few tears, a lot of proposals, many discussions with various body corporates and about 10,000 water tests!

We have a dedicated commercial pool team of techs who specialise in, you guessed it, commercial pool maintenance. They can test a pool’s PH by taste (well, almost), and they know the GCCC water requirements like the back of their hand. In short, we know how to keep your commercial pool safe and clean.
When it comes to the actual pool service, we can offer services as frequently as daily and provide detailed reports on the state of the pool, as well as any potential issues. We also offer one-off cleaning services for green/brown/my god, what is that colour pools.

Commercial Pool Maintenance Services

Our commercial pool maintenance clients range from boutique resorts to huge, high-end complexes servicing up to 600 bathers.  So we’re well and truly across the processes and procedures that accompany strata managed properties, and understand the importance of keeping all stakeholders informed and happy.
We know that sometimes, commercial pools have an onsite manager so while they may not need our services on a daily basis, they need someone to give their manager a pool maintenance support service to not only keep the pool compliant for the local council requirements but also keep the pool plant equipment functioning at optimum efficiency.  And lo and behold, we offer just that. 

Commercial Pool Maintenance Services Gold Coast
Commercial Pool equipment Installation & Repair services Gold Coast

Commercial Pool Equipment Installation Services

Understanding the commercial pool enviroment is key to identifying the type ogf pool equipment or commercial pool management system which may be required to ensure the commercial facility is running at it’s optimum.  With more and more options of dedicated commercial and semi-commercial pool equipment options available it is paramount to get the right advice. We offer Commercial Pool Equipment supply and installation services for all commercial pools on the Gold Coast.  

Commercial Pool Repair Services

Nobody does commercial pool Cleaning services like us.  Seriously, we’ve spent years investing in, and growing our commercial pool clients, and now we’ve got an impressive list of commercial properties that we’re lucky enough to call customers.
As part of our commercial pool service offering, we provide equipment inspections and commercial pool plant equipment repairs. Ensuring your pool equipment is in working order is so important, particularly for commercial pools.
So if you suspect your equipment may be faulty or you’d just like an equipment audit, we offer onsite equipment inspection that includes a detailed report of any issues and recommendations along with a quote so you can make an informed decision. Also, as you may or may not know, pool pump leaks can cause damage to other pool plant equipment and may be very expensive and sometimes they’re hard to pinpoint.
So if we suspect a leak, the sooner we can do a series of preliminary tests to isolate it before sending in one of our electrically qualified pool equipment repairers to rectify the issue. 

Commercial Pool Repairs Gold Coast.

Real Estate and Strata Management Services

Commercial pool complex’s and Body Corporate Management companies from coolangatta to Runaway bay utilise our commercial pool cleaning and maintenance services to keep their facilities pools in pristine working order.  From instrustion services, commercoial pool handover services to emergensy onsite commercial pool equipment repair services Platinum have you cavered.  Fully liscenced, insured and equiped to keep any commercial pool up and running. From Pool Pumps to commercial heat pumps as well as fully app controlled management systems there is a solution for all. So if you are looking for a new solution to your old swimming pool managment wows the give us a call.  

Onsite Commercial Pool Services Support

Onsite Emergency Breakdowns Repairs

We know how crucial it is for resorts and complexes to provide uninterrupted access to their swimming pool — they cannot afford for their swimming pool to be out of actions!  So we offer rapid onsite commercial pool repairs, and our clients love us for it!  Because it means should they experience an issue with any of their equipment, we can usually repair it, on the spot, with minimal disruption to their swimmers.  If we can’t fix it on the spot then we can take it back to our in-house electrical repair workshop which is bursting with parts ready for your pool pump or chlorinator to make a quick pitstop and get back out on the job. 

Commercial Pool repairs - Commercial Pool services Gold Coast
  • Experienced and certified Staff
  • Backed by Quality Brands and support
  • State of the art service operation systems
  • Comitment to customer satisfaction
  • Independent and locally owned business

Commercial pool Cleaning Equipment & Pool Supplies

Pool Equipment Gold Coast

Is your pool equipment playing up?  Let us check it out for you. We have service technicians ready to supply our onsite pool equipment repair service to all our burleigh customers to fix your faulty pool equipment and get it back up and running. 

Pool Equipment Specialists

We supply and install all brands of pool equipment.  Let us help you choose the best pool equipment for you. So check out our range of pool supplies online or simply get in touch today. 

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Pool Equipment Repairs Mudgeeraba & Currumbin waters - Gold Coast

Liscensed Workshop Repairs

Our highly trained, experienced & liscensed electrical repair staff are available for all your pool equipment repair enquiries.

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What Our Customers Say

John Malcom
John Malcom
Gold Coast
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Platinum Pool Care recently installed a new pool pump for us and the did a clean and tidy job. We couldn't be happier.
Harry Jones
Harry Jones
Gold Coast
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We recently had a pool health check service performedby Steve and he was helpful, informative and punctual. Will use again & Highly Recommend.
Tom Watson
Tom Watson
Gold Coast
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Our pool had never been greener when we got Platinum Pool Care out to inspect. We had to get the whole schebang! Drain & De-Stain service. What a great job they did. There was no suprises with the bill quoted.
Jill Marsh
Jill Marsh
Gold Coast
Read More
We have had PPC servicing our swimming pool for 5 years now. And still after this long Jade and the team really put in the effort to help us out whenever we have issues. Thanks heaps guys!

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