Pool Pump Repair FAQ's

Pool Pump Repair

Why is my pool pump not pumping properly?

  1. One of the common causes for low water flow from your pool pump is not cleaning your baskets regularly can cause your baskets to split which can cause debris lodge in the pool pump impeller.
  2. Also not putting your pump lid back on properly after cleaning your pump basket may cause flow issues from your pool pump.  If the problem persists then it is best to get a professional onsite to inspect the cause of the issue.

Has your pool pump stopped working?

If you pump has stopped working it may not be a pump problem.,,,,,,,

  1. It could be a chlorinator power / timer issue or a general power issue.
  2. This may also be the result of a faulty motor or thermal overtemp issues which will require liscenced repair support.

In either case it is best to check if the pump has power and work your way forward from there.

If your pump is humming and just won’t start after you have ensured the pump is getting power it is best you have it looked at by a professional.

Is your pool pump not priming?

If your pool pump is not priming it may be because…….

  1. Your impeller has developed a blockage.
  2. your pump lid is not secured properly
  3. you have another site or pump related issue which needs to be rectified.

It is best to check the above mentioned things and try to prime your pump three to four times and if the issue still persist then call a pool pump specialist.

Don’t risk damaging your pool pump more by continually trying to prime your pump as you may cause extra damage to external and internal pump components.

So your still not sure……. Well you have options, you can bring your Pool Pump in-store for us to inspect and provide a detailed Pool Pump Repair Quote or if you would like a qualified and experienced pool technician to visit your pool and isloate the issue with your pool pump……….. just Contact us or jump the que and book a job online below.