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Green Pool Clean Up Service – Onsite Inspection Service

Service Type – Casual & Regular

Frequency –  Weekly | Fortnightly | 4 Weekly

Price: $59.00 – $79.00 Inc GST / Visit

Have you forgotten you have a Pool? That putting green in your back yard breeding mosquito’s used to be more than a pond for algae bacteria and parasites!

If your pool is in a state of no return then there is likely a good reason for it.  Some of the things that may be going wrong could be….

  • The pool filtration system isn’t working as good as it should.
  • Your water balance is out
  • Mother nature just dropped a rain bomb on your back yard
  • Your father in law who was house sitting turned the power off the first night of your 3 week overseas holiday because it was too noisy. (and forgot to turn it back on!)

No matter what caused your pool to go green it is likely that the reason will be found during the green pool clean up process.  As history shows it is more ecconomical to keep your pool from turning green with algae then it is to rectify an algae ridden pool. When you take in to consideration the chemicals and cost of labour (If you can;t do the work yourself) then it is well worth taking the prevenetive measures ensure your pool equipment is running and functioning correctly.  It is also so relavent to mention that the longer you leave a pool not functioning correctly the more money it will cost.

So at instead of fifty shades of grey we usually work with three shades of green, these are…..

Just turning green:- (Requires this Green Pool Glean up Service}

This initial stage of green is evident by algae build up on the walls, floor, steps and the cove of the pool. This is usually caused by lack of filtration, chlornation or recent weather event.

***Will likely be fixed with one osite visit, chemicals and a bit of hard yakka***

Can just see the bottom:-  (Requires the


What causes insufficient filtration – Timer not switching the pool on (Chlorinator issue), Low water level :-

Whether it needs a Floc and Drop, Dump and Run or a Drain and De-Stain service we are ready to go when you are.  See the service outline on each of these services by clicking on the product image.

Our Green Pool Clean up Services:-

  • Floc and drop
  • Dump and run
  • Drain and De-stain

Your swimming pool can change from sparkling clean to green in a matter of days depending on the time of year. Green pools are usually a direct result of the following three instances:-

Lack of Pool Maintenance
Pool Equipment Failure
Environmental changes
That’s why we have four different services which we can provide you to help you deal with your green pool issue.

Whether it needs a Floc and Drop, Dump and Run or a Drain and De-Stain service we are ready to go when you are. See the service outline on each of these services by clicking on the product image.

Our Green Pool Clean up Services:-

Floc and drop
Dump and run
Drain and De-stain
Not sure why your pool has gone green check out the information below:-

Pool Maintenance Issues:- Water chemistry, water circulation, pool filtration and pool chlorination are the four pillars of swimming pool health and efficiency. These four factors as well as the general cleaning of your pool make up the majority of what most people would consider pool maintenance. Lack of pool cleaning alone is not usually the cause of your pool going green however, if you are not checking your pool on a regular basis then that is when things an go wrong. If you check your pool equipment’s operation, pool water chemistry and clean your baskets and filter on a regular basis then your green pool issue will usually be caused by another issue.

Pool Equipment Failure:- Your swimming pool equipment provide three of the four main factors which keep your pool healthy and sparkling clean. Pool filtration, water circulation and chlorination. The three main items which commonly make up your pool equipment are your swimming pool pump, pool filter and salt water chlorinator. I there is an issue with any of these items it is likely that you will need to have them looked at by a licenced repairer. While we offer licenced pool equipment repairs it is more often than not economical to have one of our trained pool technicians out onsite to investigate and diagnose any onsite issues before you pack up your equipment and bring it to us for testing.

Pool Environment Factors:- Pool environment changes are the cause of a wide range of factors which could cause your swimming pool to go green. Hot days followed by rain, high pool water temperatures and pool parties are all environmental factors which should be considered when addressing the problem of dealing with a green pool.

No matter what caused your pool to go green something will need to be done about it in good time otherwise the cost of labour and chemicals to rectify the issue increase the longer you leave it.

If you don’t have the time or the know how to revert your putting green back to a crystal clear pool give us a call.



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Why it is important to maintain your pool water’s health

Swimming Pool Maintenance 101

pH Regulation: Imbalanced pH levels can lead to corrosion of pool equipment, skin irritation, and cloudy water. Our experts will adjust the pH to the optimal range for a safe and comfortable swimming environment.
Chlorine Management: Chlorine is essential for disinfection, but improper levels can cause strong odors, eye irritation, and even health risks. We’ll help you strike the right balance to keep your pool sanitized effectively.
Alkalinity Control: Proper alkalinity stabilizes pH levels and prevents rapid pH fluctuations. Our service includes adjusting alkalinity to maintain a stable environment for your pool.
Calcium Hardness Stabilisation: Low or high calcium hardness can damage your pool surfaces and equipment. Our technicians will ensure the right calcium levels for longevity and water clarity.
Pool Salt Level Management: When your salt levels get low in your pool chlorinator may have a hard tome keeping up with chlorine production. With a properly maintained pool salt level it is easy to keep your pool clear and helps with salt chlorinator and the salt cells longevity.

Benefits of Our Service:

Health and Safety: Balanced pool water reduces the risk of infections, skin irritations, and other health concerns, making your swimming experience worry-free.
Water Clarity: Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to a pristine pool that you’ll be eager to dive into.
Extended Equipment Life: Properly balanced water prevents corrosion and damage to your pool’s equipment, saving you money on repairs and replacements.
Expert Advice: Our technicians will provide you with personalized recommendations for ongoing maintenance to help you keep your pool in optimal condition. 

How It Works:

Schedule an Appointment: by booking online or Contact us to schedule a convenient time for our technicians to visit your pool.
Professional Testing: Our experts will conduct a thorough water test to assess your pool’s current chemistry.
Balancing Act: Using the test results, we’ll precisely balance your pool’s chemical levels for optimal water quality.
Expert Guidance: We’ll share insights and tips on how to maintain your pool’s chemistry between our visits.

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John Malcom
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Platinum Pool Care recently installed a new pool pump for us and the did a clean and tidy job. We couldn't be happier.
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Harry Jones
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We recently had a pool health check service performedby Steve and he was helpful, informative and punctual. Will use again & Highly Recommend.
Tom Watson
Tom Watson
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Our pool had never been greener when we got Platinum Pool Care out to inspect. We had to get the whole schebang! Drain & De-Stain service. What a great job they did. There was no suprises with the bill quoted.
Jill Marsh
Jill Marsh
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We have had PPC servicing our swimming pool for 5 years now. And still after this long Jade and the team really put in the effort to help us out whenever we have issues. Thanks heaps guys!