Pool Cleaning Professionals

Pool Cleaning Professionals

Attention pool owners of the Gold Coast, to the world of superior pool maintenance brought to you by Platinum Pool care Gold Coast’s Pool Cleaning Professionals!

As the premier pool cleaning company in the region, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch pool services to ensure your pool remains a sparkling all year-round. So why not join us as we dive into the depths of all things pool cleaning, pool maintenance, pool repairs, and all other pool service related topics.

Picture this…… a team of dedicated pool ninja’s armed with pool poles, chlorine tabs and a filter sock over their head…….. woah! Sorry I got carried away,  let’s start again…….

A team of dedicated swimming pool maintenance  professionals with all the right pool tools, cloud based tech and a whole team of back-up  support (helping them out if they get stuck somewhere ou in the wilds of the Gold Coast Hinterland)  turning up at your pool with a whole lot of know-how, ready to tackle even the toughest pool service challenges. Well……that’s us!

With over 40 years of experience under our belts and a passion for pool perfection, we’re here to make your pool dreams a reality. From removing stubborn algae to restoring clarity to cloudy waters, consider us your pool’s own deuce bigalow.

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