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Do you need a little extra time to get all of your other jobs done around the house?  Do you spend more time working on your pool than you get in it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you need the team from Platinum Pool Care to take the hassle of maintains your pool away by joining one of our pool or spa maintenance programs.

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Green Pool Clean-up Service

Has your pool equipment failed or you simply forgot to turn the salt cell back on last time you added salt?  Well if you pool has gone green as a result you can trust Platinum Pool Care to bring your pool from green to clean.  With our tried and trusted green pool clean up service we will have you swimming in no time!

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Pool Equipment Repairs

Is your pool pump noisy or developed a leak? Well it may be in need of repair. latinum Pool care do onsite and workshop repairs on  pool pumps, salt chlorinators and  most pool equipment.  We have super fast turnaround times to get your pool back up and running at it’s peak.

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Pool Equipment Installations and Relocations

If your in the market for a new pool pump, salt chlorinator and need it installed as well Platinum Pool Care have certified pool technicians ready to supply and install your new pool equipment. We also do pool equipment relocations. That’s right we do everything pool!

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Pre Purchase Pool Inspections

Buying a new home with a pool is a big investment and everyone gets a building  Take the Puzzle out of buying your new pool with a Platinum Pool Care Pre Purchase pool Inspection.

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Leak Detection Service

Is your pool leaking?  Platinum Pool Care have a number of trusted contractors who can not only find your leak……but they can fix it too.

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Pool Fence Inspections

Does your pool fence comply with the new pool fencing laws?  Maybe you have a rental property which needs to be inspected every year! Platinum Pool Care can arrange for a swimming pool fence inspection service in a hurry.

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Why Platinum?

For over 10 Years Platinum Pool Care have been servicing pools and pool euipment all over the Gold Coast.  From then until now we have forged a reputation as an honest and reliable full service swimming pool and spa service company.  Our range of regular pool cleaning and maintenance services form the foundation of our business as we take pride in every service we do.  We understand that with regular pool servicing is no one size fits all service, as each client have different lifestyle and influencing pressures.  So we have used our existing clients to mould our new range of services.

Service Support

With our state of the art scheduling software we have infinate scheduling power and invoicing options. With this software we can track our jobs and technicians in real time, store photos, quote from site and send texts in seconds.  With our internal service support team we can provide a rapid response service as a priority to all of our regular pool cleaning clients when you need us the most.

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