Vortex Pool EcoPro 25″ Sand / Glass Media Filter with 50mm Valve | 2 Year Warranty on Valve + 10 Year Warranty on Tank

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Introducing the new Vortex Pool EcoPro commercial Grade Fibreglass sand filter range are  high performance, low maintenance and simple to use commercial grade sand filters developed for commercial and residential swimming pool applications.  The EcoPro range of sand filters by Vortex Pool are built for long term reliability and will be providing you with crystal clear water for years.

Pool water is filtered via a sand-filled pressure chamber in the Vortex Pool EcoPro 25″ sand filter with 50mm valve  traps particles of dirt that are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. EcoPro sand filters only need to be backwashed once the pressure in the gauge indicates a cleaning is required and when installed with Glass filtration media cleaning may be required only a few times a year.

Features of the Vortex Pool EcoPro 28″ sand filter with 50mm valve Include:-


  • A Multi-port valve makes controlling the functions of the EcoPro easy. A simple rotation of the handle is all you need to make your choice. It has an inbuilt pressure gauge, sight glass and manual air relief;
  • Constructed from spun-woven fibreglass the EcoPro Fibreglass Sand Filter is exceptionally strong, chemical resistant and is built for longevity;
  • The tank is UV resistant with a stainless steel clamp that repels corrosion and permits a 360 degree rotation of the multi-port valve to make installation easier for you;
  • The top diffuser evenly distributes water over the sand;
  • The unique internal design exposes the water to the maximum sand surface to ensure high quality filtration and effective backwashing.
  • Buy a Vortex EcoPro 25″ 50mm Fibreglass Sand Filter from us for the best price in Australia. The Vortex Pool EcoPro sand / media filter is a powerful performer in the swimming pool and will be in the family for many years keeping the water in your pool crystal clear.

Tank – 10 Years
Multi-port valve & Laterals – 2 Years


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